​Applied Research5

Applied Research

Project 3A

Spring 2018Blueprint Due: 3/29. Completed Project Due: 4/10. Both due in class

You work as the human resource manager for a hospital chain.Because of the stressful environment the employees work under, turnover is generally higher in the healthcare industry than in most other service industries.Employee turnover can be extremely costly for the hospital in terms of replacing and training another person for the job.In addition, it can be detrimental to the moral of other employees as well as to the patients.Customers feel comfortable seeing familiar faces and this ultimately results in higher patient satisfaction, performance and positive word of mouth.All of this helps your company to be in business in the long run.

You as the human resource manager want to make employees understand that learning to handle stress can be beneficial to the employee as well as to the company. However, before having such a program available you have some questions that needs answered.First you want to know if stress is an issue at the hospital chain at the present time. Second you want to determine some of the sources of stress. Third you want to determine the influence stress have on important job outcomes.Fourth, you want to know the typical profile of an employee who is managing his or her stress and an employee who don’t. Answers to these questions will aid you to determine if the hospital chain should benefit by introducing a stress coping program to the employee. Provided the research show such a program will be helpful, it would be important to identify those who need to be targeted first with this program.

To find more information to answers these questions, you decided to conduct research.You selected a sample of employees from your hospital chain.Variables investigated and the measures used are provided below:

X1:Stress coping behavior:

1. Yes.I manage my stress. (e.g., exercising regularly, managing time, positive attitude)

2. No. I don’t manage my stress (I do nothing always hoping that the stress will go away)

X2:My current level of stress.1=manageable 2 =more than manageable3=extremely stressful

X3Job satisfaction: Average of 3 items.Varied between 1 “extremely low” to 5 “extremely high.”

X4Job performance: An index that varied between 1 and 5 where 1 is “very low” and 5 is “very high.”

X5Work to family conflict_0=Low1=High

X6Gender:1. Male2. Females

X7Job position:1. Nurse2. Supervisor3. Top level managers

Following 4 research questions will help you to meet the 4 research objectives mentioned earlier.

1.Is stress an issue at the hospital chain? It would be an issue if stress coping behavior, level of stress, and work-family conflict for employees at the hospital chain is different from what it is for the industry as a whole.A latest survey for the entire hospital industry, 50% of employees have manageable stress, 25% have more than manageable stress, and the remainder have extreme stress. Also 80% of the employees uses stress coping behaviors while 20% don’t. Finally, 32% of employees have high work family conflict compared to 68% who has low work family conflict.

2What are some of the sources of stress? Test hypotheses to determine if demographic variables such as gender and job position and situational variables such as work-family conflict have relationships with stress.

3.What impact if any does stress have with job outcomes such as satisfaction & performance?

4.Profile of employees who manage their stress well and the profile of employees who don’t manage their stress well. Determine what influence or influences if any does (i) gender, (ii) job position, and (iii) level of stress have with engaging or not engaging in stress coping behaviors?

For above questions 1 through 4, when testing the above hypotheses use a 0.05 level of significance.Also interpret the results from both descriptive and inferential statistics if the null hypothesis is rejected and draw appropriate conclusions.

In the discussion, based on your findings from the study, please mention if you want to implement a stress coping program in the organization or not and justify your decision using study findings. Also mention to whom the program should be specifically directed at initially.Based on your readings in the Organizational Behavior, Organizational Management, or management course (some of you have completed one of the courses already), briefly mention the kind of programs that are available and what you would recommend be implemented and why.

I need at least 3 meaningful illustrations that are complete with titles, labels, etc. in Appendix A.Please refer to them in the body of the report.Illustrations such as tables that summarize both results from descriptive and inferential statistics will be worth more points than simple illustrations that summarize only descriptive statistics or inferential statistics.Illustrations will be worth 10 points maximum. Ability to present complex information in an easy to understand way will earn a student more points than several simple illustrations.

Other Instructions

Format and what you should include in your research report (same as previous projects)

Your report should contain the following:

a.Executive summary

Should briefly state what you did, what you found, and what you recommend.This should be very short, not more than 1 page.

b.Detail Findings

Should contain your specific research question, analysis, interpretation (findings) and, conclusion(s) for each analysis.Some of the main questions can have multiple research questions involving more than one analysis.When this happens, follow the guidelines above for each analysis.

research objective——> analysis——> findings——> conclusion

Once you have addressed all the research questions separately (interpret results and make conclusions), have a short section that briefly discusses your findings (conclusions from different analyses) given the basic problem(s) at hand.Then have a separate section that provides your recommendations.Here please justify your recommendations using information from your findings and discussion.

c.Appendix A

Contain all your illustrations such as tables, pie charts, bar charts, graphs etc. These should be referred to and briefly discussed in the body of the paper. Emphasize what information the illustrations are communicating. Find ways to summarize results from both descriptive and inferential hypothesis.

Appendix B

All spss output that are relevant for each of the research questions.Please DO NOT include wrong analyses that you may have run.

d.All reports require a Cover Page, Table of Content with page numbers, Executive Summary, Detail Findings, Discussion, and Recommendations followed by Appendix A and B (in this order). Cover page and Table of Contents need not be numbered.However, all pages in the Executive Summary, Detail Findings, Discussion and Recommendation sections should be numbered consecutively. Have a separator before Appendix A and Appendix B.

e.Honesty statement signed and dated.

Part 1 (Blueprint) – Due 3/29 in class. Requirements are same as the last project


  • Provide the highest level of measurement for each of the study variables.
  • For each of the questions 1 through 4, please state the variables involved in each question/analysis.If multiple analyses are to be used in a certain questions, please list all variables under investigation separately for each analysis.For each analysis, please provide the hypothesis (null and alternative) and the test statistics to be used (what test to run). If µ is used when stating hypotheses, please define it.
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