Petrakis Family Episode 6Program Transcript FEMALE SPEAKER: So APS has closed the Petrakis case, and they’re notrecommending any action at this time.CINDY: What? But Alec stole from his grandmother. Drugs, money.FEMALE SPEAKER: And you put that in your report, and APS closed the case.CINDY: But he left town. Aren’t they going to go after him?FEMALE SPEAKER: The APS isn’t the police.CINDY: I just– I feel like I let down Helen. It was my fault for going along with her idea to have her son move in to take care of his grandmother.FEMALE SPEAKER: I understand how you feel, Cindy. Tell me, what did youlearn from this experience?CINDY: I’ve learned a lot, that’s for sure. I mean, between this case and school.FEMALE SPEAKER: What do you mean?CINDY: I’ve been researching a paper on elder abuse. I had no idea there wereso much abuse among elders, like this case.FEMALE SPEAKER: Did you read about the Elder Justice law?CINDY: Yeah, it’s great. It only just passed, but it’s going make a difference. Imean, APS gets more funding, and they’re going to start up forensics centers tohelp improve expertise on elder abuse.FEMALE SPEAKER: It’s been a long time coming. I really hope this makes adifference.CINDY: Me, too. You know, ever since I got this case and the stuff I’ve beenreading, I’ve been thinking, I might want to work more with this population, maybemove my career in that direction.FEMALE SPEAKER: Really?CINDY: Yeah. I would never have thought of it before. But once you see theproblem up close, elder abuse stops being just statistics. It gets a human face. I think my own grandparents, you know? They need to be protected.Petrakis Family Episode 6 FEMALE SPEAKER: Well, if you go that way, you’re going to be in demand. We Baby Boomers aren’t getting any younger. There’s going to be a need for good social workersFor this Discussion, review the “Petrakis Family” case history and video session.By Day 4Post (using two concepts of  Bowen’s family theory) a discussion and analysis of the events that  occurred after Alec moved in with his grandmother up until Helen went to  the hospital. If you used the concepts of structural family therapy,  how would your analysis of the situation be different? Which family  theory did you find to be most helpful in your analysis? Finally,  indicate whether Satir’s or Minuchin’s model is the more strength-based  model. Why?

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