10 source essay

Summary of assignment • Task: The multiple-source essay asks you to synthesize the arguments of at least 10 sources

Length: 2000-3000 words. Format: APA • Sources: a total of at least 10 sources, all of which you will find through library searches. Please use the same topic that you used for writing assignment #3. It is recommended that you focus on or expand on the essay that you wrote for writing assignment #3. You will continue with the topic you have selected and will conduct additional searches in the library databases, hopefully focus the topic more, and determine the 10 or more sources to use in this essay.

I’ve attached the six-source essay with the seven sources that you completed. I’ve also attached three extra sources for you to use. You’re to use these sources to build upon the four categories that you completed. Each category must have a minimum of three sources in each and because there’s 10 sources, there will be more than three sources used of course. I’ll upload the documents once you’ve accepted.

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