This simulation is about Border Security, and my country is still Denmark ( I am a representative of Denmark in the EU)Adriana mejia (France) : Good afternoon EU members, when it comes to Border Security, we can all agree on how important it is to keep our borders safe and secured. France proposes that in order to tackle this problem we need to focus on certain issues such as documentation, prioritizing refugees, and having countries create pacts in order to strengthen our borders. Documentation is a big issue when it comes to immigration. In order to secure our border, we need to implement documentation or else we won’t know who the people coming in our countries are. The people who are coming in need to at least have a government issued ID or passport in hand. We need to be able to identify who is coming into our countries whether these individuals are criminals or a danger to society.In regard to the large number of immigrants coming into our countries to lower the number of people coming in we need to prioritize those individuals who need our help the most. People that are being persecuted or feel threatened with their lives because of their country should be let in first. Others such as those who are looking for a better future or jobs in our countries should not be prioritized because their lives are not in great danger like those who are seeking asylum. Lastly if we want our borders to remain secured, we cannot be the only ones putting in the effort we need other countries to cooperate and form a pact. We can use France and Italy as an example they have agreed to work together in order to eliminate their immigration problem. France and Italy have agreed that both countries guards and officials will operate under one command to make the process more effective. Having other countries contribute to the immigration problem especially those who share a border with your country is essential because now we have both countries doing their part in keeping the borders safe. Which will eventually help with the immigration crisis we have.One 250-300words response————————–and this simulation is about Human rights overview AND I am a representative in the EU of DenmarkRE: Group 1: Human Rights overviewAna Santos( Bulgaria) The Republic of Bulgaria is aware of the human rights violations on detention centers in our country; violations including the lack of procedural standards together with poor health care and discrimination towards non-citizens. Although for the past years the Bulgarian government has minimized the number of non-citizens entering and residing within our nation’s borders. We are open to the possibility of allowing EU refugees and asylum seekers to enter in exchange for monetary compensation. This compensation will not only go towards the funding of programs for non-citizens but will also be directed towards families and individuals in need. With this being said, in previous meetings, we have proposed the initiative for “Sustainable Housing” to be implemented by nations who have agreed to receive large numbers of non-citizens along with having the space for the previously mentioned architectural development. This initiative will not only provide a safer and healthier environment for new families arriving in EU nations but will promote the growth of new communities.On the other hand, in regards to punishments and violation penalties for EU members refusing to accept non-citizens together with failing to provide a humane and safe environment for these individuals is something to consider a top priority in the matter. Nonetheless, as an international union, we must take into consideration that a nation’s economic stability variates within members. For this reason, I believe it would be fair and just to consider the following factors before penalizing a nation: (1) A nation’s GDP, (2) Economic Stability,(3) Space for housing, and (4) Population [whether its an overpopulated or underpopulated nation].As a final point, I would like to clarify that the Republic of Bulgaria is one of the nations with the lowest GDP per capita in the union (European Union). Indeed, we have the space for the initiative of “Sustainable Housing”; however, we don’t have access to the resources nor the capital to invest in such program. For this reason, we urge our EU members who have access to funds and resources to invest in the project.Sincerely,Ana Cantos, EU Representative to the Republic of Bulgariaone 250-300 words response too

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