2 page Humanities paper

one page on a piece art and another page on a poem from Greece from the 500 BC

both a least 500 words each

On the poem page it can’t be from the writer Sappho


For the piece of art, try to attach the piece that you are examining. Spend very little space discussing the artist. You are analyzing a single work of art. You’ll describe its structure and interpret its meaning.


  • Jump right into the topic. Your introduction should be simple, something like: “In this essay, I will be analyzing [name of piece]. First, I will give a brief background on the author/composer. Second, ….” Avoid grand, hyperbolic introductions.
  • In academic papers, use “one” or “oneself” instead of “you.” The use of “I,” “me,” etc. has become widely accepted in academic writing, so you are free to use those first-person pronouns.
  • Don’t use quotes over four lines long. You can summarize parts of something you read from a source and then quote a piece of it no longer than four lines.
  • When you refer to an author, use her or his first and last name the first time you mention her or him and the last name only afterwards. Never use the first name alone.
  • Analyze a piece. Do not simply write a biography of a person or merely summarize. I want an analysis that is drawn from both your own thoughts and the thoughts of a respected scholar in the field.

for the poem it must use, at least, 300 of your 500 words analyzing the poem. That means that no more than 200 words can be devoted to biographical information about the author/composer and general history. You are mainly going to be talking about your poem and interpret its meaning.

For each page, you must find and use two academic sources (so, books or journal articles)

plus add the work cited page

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