2 pages essay 14


2 full Pages: in-text citations and citation: 10% originality outside research is required: in your own words: Use the concept of the International Product LIfe Cycle. Choose a company that uses this theory and explain how the company uses the different stages to become successful.

  • Use some concept or theories in the textbook or Chapter 5 ppt
  • use outside research no wikis, and outside research involve the rate of countries GDP, risk, populations, and economic freedom.( You can put more in order to make the essay more reasonable)
  • provide specific proof and evidence: data…specific data to support your answers, must credits next to the data and proof ( as above explained)
  • must use APA citation as Paraphrases; use in-text citations please list page numbers or paragraph number
  • Use at least 4 resources

The overall essay should 360 degrees perspective to think about a question not only answer for it. Do not plagiarism!!!!!!!

Support materials:

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