Abnormal Psychology: Disorder & A Movie Paper: 

Description:  The paper should be minimum four pages double-spaced 12 point New Times Roman font in APA style and will need to have 3-5 five references, with only one of those coming from the internet and the DSM-V required. Your textbook can, of course, be used as one reference. You will be required to write a paper analyzing a fictional character in a film. This character must be an individual who you believe or has been diagnosed as having a psychological disorder. You will need to talk a little bit about the character and their behavior. What in their behavior makes you assess them as potentially demonstrating a psychopathology? Are they having difficulty functioning?  What makes you sure of your diagnosis? What aspects of their behavior are not normal? How do those around them act in response to their behavior?  Are there any environmental, social, or biological influences that may be contributing to the onset or maintenance of the character’s disorder? Is this character being treated for the disorder? If so, what sort of treatment are they receiving? How are they responding to the treatment? If they are not receiving treatment, what options for treatment are available and what would you propose?

A more detailed description of the paper, format and style will be available. A list of recent films that feature or depict characters with disorders is provided below, though another film off of the list can be chosen in consultation with the instructor.

Abnormal Psychology Movie List: The movie is ‘Antwone Fisher’

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