500 words Public Health Discussion “Funds Seeking Skills” HIV/AIDS project

Due 8/8 6 p.m EST600 words not including min 3 references APAGrant writing is a necessary skill for public health practice and health education and promotion. Writing a proposal for a grant requires many of the skills that have been addressed in this course, such as identifying a problem based on a literature review and/or empirical evidence, consulting with and engaging community stakeholders, and conceptually designing and evaluating programs and public health interventions.Public funding is available through grants and cooperative agreements from government agencies such as the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In addition, several private sector sources of funding are available through foundations such as Kellogg and Robert Wood Johnson that have interests in health promotion and disease prevention.Public and private agencies periodically announce and publish RFPs or FOAs through a variety of media, including web pages, newsletters, and circulars.For this week’s Discussion, identify two RFPs or FOAs (one public and one private) or one RFP and one FOA that would help fund your identified Final Project intervention.USE SUBHEADINGS AND ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS1) Post a brief description of each of the two funding sources.2)In your description, include how you accessed each (where it was located).3)Explain why each is appropriate to the HIV/AIDS intervention you selected.4)Then, provide a self-assessment in which you reflect on your strengths and limitations regarding how to complete the RFP and/or FOA in order to seek grants.5)In what areas would you need to seek guidance to improve grant-seeking skills (such as budgeting or research methods)?6) What are the challenges inherent in seeking this guidance?

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