A “STRATEGIC HUNT”: please provide the following information of yourself and an


please provide the following information of yourself and and/or your organization’s or one you wish to work for:

1) Values (value statement) – See Value Exercise from CD1 

2) Vision Statement – future direction

3) Mission Statement – purpose

For yourself – please build upon what you did for CD1 – what are your values, vision, and mission? 

For your organization you work for or wish to work for, please state how and where you found these statements for the organization. Was it easy or not?  If currently working and you cannot find these statements (values, vision, and mission), explain what you did to find “nothing” and then reflect on your company and write what you think is the organization’s core value, its mission, and what should be its vision.  How did you come to these summaries of values, vision, and mission.

(it’s a strategic hunt – you will have to hunt around for it — it may be in a website, a public annual report, you may have to ask for it)

In this essay address what are your values, vision, and mission.  Then, present the organization you work for or wish to work for values, vision, and mission and answer the following questions (state how you found this information):

Q. Does your value, vision, and mission statement align with the organization’s values, vision, and mission (VVM) statement?  Why or why not?

Q.  How effective are the organization’s values, vision, and mission?  How does it inspire you (or not) to be an effective supervisor and plan for the future?

Q. How does knowing one’s values, vision, and mission, and that of the organization help to be a better supervisor (you might wish to cite material in prior chapters and especially in Chapters 3 & 5 to support your thinking or any outside resources)?

At the end of this essay, what can you learn from this essay that empowers you and employees for success?  How does knowing this information prepare you for a job interview or a promotion? (Chapter 10)?

Each essay will be different depending on what you find and what you think? 

this is the book (((Leonard, E. G. (2016). Supervision: Concepts and Practices of Management(13th ed.). Mason, OH: South-Western, Cengage Learning. 

ISBN: 978-1-285-86637-6.)))

Written essays will typically be 3-4 pages, double-spaced, and typed in Times New Roman, 12 font with one-inch margins. Key to success in grading is based on quality of written work (structure, grammar, and content) and grasping of concepts versus length of paper. 

Written Assignments Rubric 


Deficient (0)

Competent (1)

Exemplary (2)



Opening not appropriate 

to message purpose; not concise; no clarity of purpose.

Opening appropriate to message; clear and

concise purpose.

Opening is clear,

concise, and well written; sets tone.


Disorganized; incorrect format; unclear direction.

Organized; correct format; clarity of main points.

Clear, well written, correct formatting and development of main points.


Incorrect; irrelevant; no concrete (supporting) evidence.

Relevant and correct with concrete (supporting) evidence.

Relevant; correct; complete; incorporates innovative insights and supports main idea with evidence.


Missing or content does not support conclusion.

Supports content; contains summary statement.

Clear; complete; 

closing is well written 

(close on a positive thought/audience consideration).

Grammar & Spelling

Numerous errors in grammar & spelling. 

Minimal errors in grammar and spelling do not detract from readability.

No errors in grammar and spelling.


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