Advanced Fire Administration 2 Part Assignment 3 Pages Total

SafeAssign will be used to check for originality and plagiarismSection 1Section 1 should be minimum of two pages in length. Follow APA guidelines if information is cited.Following a Category 1 hurricane, you were assigned to establish the Finance/Administration Section for the incident. This incident has escalated in complexity because of the number of deaths that have been discovered. The Finance/Administration Section was initiated several days after the hurricane made landfall, and mitigation has already begun.All of the “click here” pages are attached below in the order they appear in the instructions.Click here to access an overview of the damage from the incident. (Click here to access a PDF version of the overview of the damage.)Click here to access the background information for the incident.In Section I, discuss when a Finance/Administration Section should have been initiated during this incident. Additionally, address the questions below.What costs should be tracked and documented?What responsibilities do the Finance/Administration Section have?Section IIWhile working on the 1-year written transition plan, you are reviewing the proposed budget with Washington Fire Department (WFD). Click here to access the budget. You noticed that the budget did not have any pre-established contracts or a procedural process with local vendors, suppliers, and contractors on equipment and/or supplies that could be required during a disaster. As a part of your 1-year written transition plan, you want to include money for local vendors, suppliers, and contractors on equipment and/or supplies. However, the existing revenue does not allow you to add any additional line items. The areas highlighted in yellow in the WFD budget are new line items that have not been formally approved. As you look at the budget line items, it will be very tempting to choose items that are the least controversial to cut, but these types of cuts may have a distinctly adverse effect on the quality of service for the WFD. From a rough estimate, you will need to cut $120,000 from the existing green highlighted budget figures in the WFD budget in order to create line items for preestablished agreements.In Section II, you will justify line items in the budget that you will remove in order to establish the new line items for disasters. You are to identify those line items on the proposed budget by highlighting them in aqua. Next to the line item on the WFD budget, write a one-line sentence justifying the change. You can identify any item(s) that could be deemed unnecessary or unjustified on the budget. This means that you can leave all of the line items highlighted in yellow as is and change any line litem not highlighted. Your goal is to evaluate the importance of a budget for the FES administration and not have any changes undergo scrutiny from administrators that could lead to additional oversight and cuts.You will submit two separate documents for this assignment. You will submit Section I (answers to questions) as a Word document, and you will submit Section II (revised and completed WFD budget) as an Excel document.

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