Advanced Practice Nurse

Advanced Practice Nurse plays several roles in the field of healthcare. They are responsible for obtaining health histories and performing extensive physical examinations which should not be limited to psychosocial, functional, and developmental assessment (Bryant‐Lukosius et al., 2004). APN specialists order and interpret lab results or other diagnostic studies. They maintain the records of the patients and are required to evaluate patients’ response to the care or modify where necessary. APNs can provide counseling and education to families, arrange patients for referrals and take part in research studies. There has been a reduction of primary care physicians and increasing the complexity of the healthcare systems, this has led to many patients seeking the services of the FNPs. Their flexibility, disregarding patients’ differences such age has led to their popularity across the world (Heitz, Steiner & Burman, 2004).

Family Nurse Practitioners can improve their medical health care to the patients by using the EBP. Problem-solving approach  with regards to decision-making within the healthcare organization. Internal and external influences are so critical when it comes to critical thinking and evaluation of evidence to care for the individual patients. A successful nurse practitioner needs to be dedicated and committed to their duties. Considering the fact that the field is so unpredictable since patients can increase at any time, dedicated and committed nurses will discharge their services accordingly.


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