Advantages and Disadvantages of Internal Recruiting Hiring Process Assignment

1. we discussed the advantages and disadvantages of internal recruiting, interviews and references checks (and the entire hiring process). please identify ONE disadvantage of each of these three activities. and explain why you believe that they are “disadvantages.”

2.choose one interview question listed below and answer it on paper as if i were being asked of you ine the face-to-face interview. please identify the interview question # details, details, details are necessary if you wish to recieve a full credt question.

interview question #1 give me an example when you left a task unfinished at work because you didn’t have enough time. what was the outcome?

interview question #2 tell me about a job experience in which you had to “speak up” so your supervisor knew how you thought or how you felt

interview question #3 describe a time when you asked your supervisor or co-worker for feedback on your customer service skills, and then used that feedback to improve your work.

3.please read the following case and answer the associated question:

your child is in a day care facility. you like the center. During a conversation that you had with the owner during pick-up, the owner tells you that her family is moving out of state. She will either have to close or sell the day care center, you like children. you think that you have what it takes to own and operate this small business, over the next few weeks, you put your thoughts on paper and in spreadsheets, you plan to meet with her to discuss the sale of the business to you. what are some of the business facts should you consider hefore making any offer? how would you determine the value of business? with a day care business, what would influence your decision to buy an existing business or start one from new?

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