Advocating Paper

Part 1: Advocating Paper

Compose a 2- to 3-page paper explaining:

  • The degree to which you have been a(n):
    • Advocate for your students with exceptionalities in your current professional practice
    • Consultant for parents and staff in addressing the needs of your students with exceptionalities
    • Collaborator with your school and district leadership as it relates to FAPE and financial constraints
  • How your consultation and 

    To further explore Walden’s Mission and Vision for social change and how you can enact social change in your own community see Walden’s Social Change website at

    ” data-hasqtip=”11″>social change.

Part 2: Toolkit Icon One-Page Handout

  • Create a one-page handout for Special Education professionals on how to be an effective advocate for students with exceptionalities. Be sure to suggest, cite, and explain specific resources and strategies.
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