Air pollution 2 pages

Write an essay of approximately  2 pages (doubled spaced) in length that addresses the following:

(1) Describe what you are personally most concerned about relative to air pollution and air quality. Focus on issues that you feel most effect you or your family. For example, if you have very light skin and are outdoors a lot it might be the diminishing ozone layer. If you or your children have asthma it might be air quality issues that effect asthma. It could be air toxics because you are concerned about a potential family history of cancer, smog/ozone because you are a jogger, etc. If you like to fish or eat fish it could be acid rain or mercury from power plants. Those are just some examples,  choose the one you really care about because it is an important issue.



(2) In Massachusetts or the state where most of you are likely to live in the future, describe the main causes/sources of the air quality issue you have raised and what describe can be done to improve air quality relative to the particular issue you raise. The risks may actually be less/greater than you expect and things may be getting better or worse.

There are no right or wrong responses but submittals that demonstrate an understanding of  the issues you raise and are well referenced will receive higher grades. The following site are good potential references but your topic may require additional references:

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