America Fight For Global Free Market American History Essay

Readings Required:

– Eric Foner, Give Me Liberty, Chapter 23
– Eric Foner, Voices of Freedom, Chapter 23

Question: Please pick one question and write a paper five (5) pages in length (roughly
1,000-1,500 words), double-spaced, with proper citations (use either the
Chicago Manual of Style or MLA). All the papers are to be presented in Times
New Roman 12-point font. Be sure to use primary sources available in Voices of
Freedom and properly cite the readings.

1. By the end of World War Two, the United States and the Soviet Union had
emerged as the two most powerful allies. Consider how and why the US-Soviet
relationship began to breakdown in the late 1940s. What are the key issues of
contention? How does the ideology of communism conflict with the American
ideals of capitalist free markets?

2. In an effort to insure the United States desire for global free markets, the
United States actively engaged the world through economic, political, and
military means. How did the struggle with the Soviet Union alter these efforts?
In what ways did the United States seek to counter communism around the globe?
What were the justifications for intervention around the globe? In what ways
did these efforts lead to deeper engagement of the United States of the
internal affairs of foreign countries? What were some of the results of this

Again, Be sure to use Readings:

– Eric Foner, Give Me Liberty, Chapter 23
– Eric Foner, Voices of Freedom, Chapter 23

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