American Population In The Government Discussion Response Help

I need a 200 word APA format, with in-text citation and references to the peer response below:

I believe the reason why 33% of Americans do not participate in their government is because those are not involved as much with it. What I mean is that a majority of them do not take the time to truly educate themselves enough to truly understand how the government works and what ways to be involved in changing it. A lot of these individuals are stuck in their own mindsets and ways on their beliefs but have little to no idea what they are truly talking about besides what they have heard. Another way they are not as involved is for the lack of knowledge of what ways they can get involved besides “participating in the voting process” and can have a larger impact if they branch out to the other avenues available for change. We used to rely on sending letters to government officials voicing our concerns, but over the years technology has given us the ability to branch out through other networks like social media to voice opinions. The easiest way to increase this statistic is to help others open their eyes to the plethora of ways readily available to voice their opinions.

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