an essay about leadership

The purpose of this assignment is to provide students with personal context for leadership,

culture and communication discussions that will ensue. It will allow the class to have reference

points and images as metaphors to their own leadership behaviours and characteristics.

Choose a leader from


’s “The World’s 50 Greatest Leaders” of 2018.





Ideally, this leader will have made contributions to the core themes of this interdisciplinary

class (business, public administration, information / technology, resources / environment).

Review (and cite) additiona

l material on these leaders to answer the following questions:


Briefly explain why you chose the leader you selected.


Which of the characteristics/behaviors of good leaders discussed in class do they

demonstrate, and how do they demonstrate these?


What i

s their leadership style? Has their leadership style ever changed?


Identify a mega trend or convergence of trends likely to impact this leader’s

organization. What evidence do you see that the leader is sufficiently forward


to manage their organi

zation through this trend

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