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Background: The Election of 1896 was a turning point in American political history. The decade of the 1890’s was filled with crises, upheaval and unrest. Americans believed this election would be an especially significant one. Both candidates took different political positions on the monetary question (gold v silver) , the tariff and trade.

Guidelines for post:
1) Pretend you are a voter in 1896. Would you have voted for William Jennings Bryan or William McKinley for President of the US in 1896? Become a fictitious voter alive in 1896 . Pick the region of the nation where you live and what you do for an occupation. You could choose to be a female voter as women could vote in Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, and Idaho in 1896. The textbook explains the voters who were attracted to each candidate. Explain why you voted the way you did using facts and examples from the module Week 4.

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