Answer the following questions of Market Research

To answer the questions create a word document. I expect that the answers to these questions are very professional and pass the assessment with an A or B. Another way don’t bid these questions. 

1. Outline two provisions of legislation that affects business operations as they relate to market research.

2. Explain market research principles for data processing and analysis.

3. Explain the steps you undertook to manage resource and budget constraints.

4. When would design of samples be used for this market research project?

5. Explain the development and use of hypotheses in market research.

6. Describe the role of research in enterprise development.

7. Explain the role and use of quantitative and qualitative research.

8. Explain the use of survey instruments.

9. Outline why consultation and stakeholder involvement is required for market research.

10. Explain why the development of implementation tasks, timelines and budgets are required for market research.

11. What is a needs analysis and why is it undertaken during market research planning?

12. How are scoping practices useful in market research? 

13. List two statistical methods or techniques.

For answer the questions : 3 and 4 you have to read the pdf file attached. 

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