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For this exercise, you will imagine that you are an archeologist and that the list describes an assemblage of artifacts recovered from a site. Your job to make sense of these items and try to reconstruct as many aspects of their life as possible.THE ASSIGNMENT: Answer as many of the following questions as you can from your assemblage of artifacts on your garbage list. You may ONLY use the items from the list to make inferences or justify your answers. You cannot use the context of the course to support your answers. For example, you might infer that the person was a vegetarian because the garbage contains large quantities of vegetable matter but no meat.Begin your essay by describing: WHAT IS GARBOLOGY AND HOW DOES IT RELATE TO ARCHEOLOGY? READ:2015 The Garbage Project Revisited: From a 20th Century Archaeology of Food Waste to a Contemporary Study of Food Packaging Waste by L.V. Lehmann Sustainability 6994-7010.Trash or Treasure (Links to an external site.)If you honestly can’t think of anything look at: (Links to an external site.)First you want to look to see if there is any pattern to the items that are on your list. If you can determine what the objects are-is there any discernable pattern in the kinds of artifacts on your list? Are all the items associated with food consumption for example? If so-what does that imply to you about the function of the site/room?Next you may want to look at whether or not the items are patterned in other ways that might give you information. What kinds of questions can you answer from this alone?Can you determine how many people contributed to this artifact set? If so-how many? Why do you say that?Can you determine if this assemblage was created by men and women (a mixed sex group)? Or do you think this assemblage was created by a single male or female? Why or why not?Can you determine if any small children helped create this assemblage (toddlers or younger)?Can you determine if the people or person who created this assemblage lived with an animal (dog, cat, monkey etc.)? How do you know that?Can you determine if the people or persons who created this assemblage had a so-called healthy lifestyle or unhealthy lifestyle? What about recycling?Can you determine anything about the socioeconomic status of the people or person who created this assemblage?Is there any personal information that you can glean from the assemblage? For instance, any information on hobbies or employment status or job?Writing GuidelinesFor this assignment you must write an essay of at least 500- 600 words (double-spaced with Times New Roman 12 pnt). You may write more if you wish but limit your responses to no more than 6-pages. Please write for an educated general audience. Spelling, stylistic conventions, grammar, organization, and syntax count as much as content. If you cite any sources or use quotes you need to supply an appropriate bibliography. The bibliography does NOT count towards the word/page requirement.Final Product: Must be accompanied by a report from TURNitIN.You will be graded on the following criteria (Rubric):1) Organization of ideas: To get full credit make sure your writing shows high degree of attention to logic, reasoning and topical content. Clearly leads reader from opening through body to conclusions. Stirs thought in conclusions. 2) Format: the assignment requirements in page length, font-size, spacing and indents. 3) Conventions: grammar, spelling, punctuation, verb/noun agreement. 4) Sentence fluency: vocabulary/word choice and sentence structure. 5) Level of content/Ideas: synthesis of ideas, use of original and novel thoughts.

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