Ashford Informal Letter that Encourages Buyers to Purchase a Product

write an abbreviated, informal proposal that encourages buyers to purchase a product. This will help you understand how informal reports are used.


Imagine that your friend Chloe, who has started her own designer uniform company, has asked your help in drafting a proposal. Her goal is to offer her colorful yet functional uniforms to hospitals and clinics. She needs a proposal that will describe why these organizations should use her product.


  1. Use the Internet to find at least two examples of business proposals to use as a guide. Then prepare a short, informal proposal for Chloe. Be sure to use proper formatting. Include the following:
    • Introduction: Include a description of Chloe’s company and what it offers.
    • Background, Problem, Purpose: In this section, describe the uniforms and how they can help the hospital or clinic. Why should the company choose these uniforms?
    • Research: In this section, describe the research that went into the creation of these uniforms as well as why Chloe decided they could benefit the health care industry.
    • Results: Conclude by establishing the importance of the uniforms.
  1. Explain why this proposal should be informal rather than formal.
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