BIB350 Tower at Babel Genesis 4 11 The Fall of Humanity Into Sin Paper

The fall of humanity into sin is found in Genesis 3, but the impact of the Fall can be seen in Genesis 4-11. Describe the impact of the Fall on humanity and the world from Genesis 3 and trace the outworking of the Fall in Genesis 4-11. Reference the readings in your answer to this question.

For discussion question 1, you are required to evaluate the progression of sin within humanity as recorded by Genesis 4-11. This is no insignificant exercise, for the foundation of biblical anthropology is man’s sinful nature as the result of the fall, and Genesis 4-11 documents this rapid decline into rebellion. What events does Genesis document that reveals man’s sin? Some of the events should be familiar to you, e.g., Cain and Abel, the Flood, but others might not be, e.g., why was the building of the Tower at Babel “sinful”? Be sure to read through all of Genesis 4-11 before you answer this question, and make sure to properly reference your course texts and Scripture in answering this question.

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