BIOL4414 FDU Animal Behavior Ch.6 Test Exam

answer the question from the power point .

This exam has a total of 16 points. Each point corresponds to a specific question within a numbered question. These specific questions are lettered A, B, C etc. The specific question is to be answered. The correct answer to a specific question will give you one point. If the answer is partially correct, partial credit will be given as a decimal value. If the answer is incorrect, no credit will be given. If the question is unanswered, no credit will be given so it is better to guess than to leave a question blank. The number of points earned will be divided by the total number of points on the exam and multiplied by 100 to get your grade. Good luck!

6. A. According to the notes, why does effective artificial selection require both the presence of genetic diversity as well as selective breeding? B. Based on the notes, give evidence or proof that the behavior of wolves evolved into the behavior of dogs. C. Give an example from the notes that explains how selection on behavior alone can lead to striking morphological differentiation (you must include both the behavior and the morphological differences in your answer). D. Give an example from the notes that shows evolution or change in behavior over time that involves many generations. E. What is the evidence or proof of the change in question D that was given in the notes? F. Give evidence or proof from the notes that shows the environment can have an effect on behavior. G. Describe the two environments in question F from the notes that would explain the differences in behavior. H. What is the evidence from the notes that dinosaurs performed advanced parental care? I. What is the evidence or proof from the notes that mammalian carnivores used dens? J. Give an example from the notes of how a “behavioral family tree” was constructed. K. Based on the notes, which species of fiddler crab is the ancestor or oldest, phylogenetically? L. Give an example from the notes of how phylogenies (family trees) have been used to examine the evolution of structures that animals make. M. Give an example from the notes of a prezygotic isolation mechanism that is behavioral. N. Why did the notes say fish ignored prezygotic isolation? According to the notes, the songs of two species of Australian tree frogs, Hyla ewingi and Hyla verreauxi were recorded. In zones of sympatry, the songs are quite distinct; in zones of allopatry, the songs are more similar. O. Why? P. Why would females chose their own species’ song when the choice was between the two species in sympatry, but showed no preference between songs of allopatric species? (16 points)

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