Book Jacket Project

The CEO of your organization (create your own) has written a book and you are commissioned to design and create a book jacket using Illustrator Only.

  • Front Cover: 6×9 inches
  • Back Cover: 6×9 inches
  • Spine: .5 inch
  • Right Flap: 2 inches
  • Left Flap: 2 inches
  • Make Artboard exact size of entire project
  • Resolution: 300 dpi
  • Add bleed: .125 inches

Lay out the book cover flat. The main cover should be all the way to the right. The main title text on the spine should be on its side

  1. Title—Book must have a Title
  2. Author—Book must have an Author
  3. Bar Code—Create a barcode in Illustrator. You can take a photo with your phone and import in into Illustrator then draw the bars and numbers in Illustrator
  4. Price—Book must have a price
  5. Images—You can use images or typographic treatments. Embed any images, so when you send me your files I will see them.
  6. Colors—4 colors max (CYMK)
  7. Photo of the author/ CEO (this could be you or another random photo)—Apply some relevant effect to the image
  8. Logo—Logo you designed in project 1 MUST BE ADDED AS an EPS file
  9. Apply at least 4 Illustrator effects to your design


  1. Illustrator File
  2. Hi-Resolution PDF file
  3. Sketches, roughs, planning, ideation (can be mind-mapping, word association, brainstorming)
  4. Package the final files and it should contain:
    • fonts
    • Report
    • Illustrator file

You should choose a genre that interests you, which will dictate your design and typography. For instance, if you choose Technology, try to find images and typography that would fit that genre. If you choose Action, then your type and image should reflect this look.

Look at book covers on sites like Goodreads, Amazon, Google Books to review examples of successful book designs. For the back of the book, you need to write one paragraph about your book. This is a fictitious book so be creative with the text. Be sure to check spelling and grammar before submitting.

TIP: Some of the most effective book designs are VERY SIMPLE. Developing a strong image and typography. Your design does not have to be overly complex. This project is more about the production that design. Focus on getting all of the deliverables completed.

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