business analytics 11

Organizational Description

This section of the paper should be an overview of the organization for which you will be planning a project. As an experiential/project learning (EPL) course, the idea is for you to write about the organization that you are currently working for. Make sure that you discuss the organizational structure (For instance, CSP might be considered a functional organization). Discuss any enterprise environmental factors (EEF’s) that may be of importance for your particular project.

If you are not currently working you will write a brief background on Concordia University – St. Paul.

The following resources will help you develop your organizational overview.

Opportunity Description

This section of your paper will describe the opportunity that you would like to exploit, or the problem you’d like to solve. This is not, yet, the project description that you will ultimately be working on so make sure that you don’t focus on the resolution to the problem/opportunity – you only need to describe it in as much detail as possible.

Begin with the end in mind for this project. Do you currently have a dataset that you’d like to explore that would be available to you at work? Historical information, perhaps? An example of something I’ve done in the past was to look at historical data from my church and compare trends with number of attendees each week and gifts received for different purposes. I didn’t know what I’d find when I started analyzing the data, but I was able to begin to tell a story once I started to do the trend analysis on the data.

If you are not currently working, or you’d like to explore a different data set, you may do so. There are many places to find data sets for different purposes. The data set should be robust enough for you to produce several different visualizations through Tableau, Excel, or other data analysis tools and techniques.

You will need to describe an opportunity/issue that could be analyzed using the data set that you’ve chosen. This opportunity/issue is what you should focus on for this section of the paper. The ‘Organizational Overview’ will be associated with the organization that you’ve determined will benefit from your analysis – either your own organization or one aligned with the dataset.

Here is a description on how to write a ‘problem statement’ – another name for the opportunity description:…

As you write this paper, keep in mind that it can also be used as the start to your Introductory Chapter of your final paper.

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