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Write between 500 – 750 words (approximately 2 – 3 pages) using Microsoft Word.

Use APA style.

Use font size 12 and 1” margins.

Include cover page and reference page.

At least 60% of your paper must be original content/writing.

No more than 40% of your content/information may come from references.

Use at least two references from outside the course material, preferably from EBSCOhost.Text book, lectures, and other materials in the course may be used, but are not counted toward the two reference requirement.


Research and discuss the differences between leaders and managers.


To complete this week’s S.M.A.R.T. goals assignment please include all of the following elements:


Review the SWOT analysis for the Fictional Auto Company. In a minimum of 500 words, describe how Fictional Auto Company can utilize this information to its benefit. Include how Fictional Auto Company can turn its weaknesses and threats into strengths and opportunities.


Research a company of your choice and determine which of the four quadrants of the BCG Matrix you feel it fits into. Justify your response using information about the company. Your paper should be a minimum of 500 words.


Research and discuss the basic theories of motivation as well as a description of what they are.


Research and discuss what organizational change is and why being able to manage it is important. Also, list and discuss some ways managers can help their employees deal with change


Research define, and describe communication styles, the types of communication, and why communication is important to an organization.


Business Leader Research Paper

Select a known business leader that you believe demonstrates strong leadership traits and write a research paper on this individual. This leader should not be someone you know personally. The research should include a profile on the business leader’s views on leadership, their development to become a leader, their leadership and motivational traits, and what the leader has done to gain a strong reputation. Cite specific examples of behaviors exhibited by this business leader using concepts from this course.

Sample Outline:

Introduction Paragraph – Introduce the business leader’s name, background, occupation, and their position within the company. Identify the company or companies that the leader has worked for.

Section 1: Business Leadership Background and Traits

Paragraph 1: Describe the business leader’s development to become a leader.

Paragraph 2: Describe the business leader’s views on leadership

Paragraph 3: Describe what they’ve done to grain a strong reputation

Section 2: Leadership style

Paragraph 1: Describe their leadership and motivational traits.

Paragraph 2: Describe what makes the leader effective.

Paragraph 3: Describe how and what they measure or measured to ensure that their team or company is meeting objectives and are on target.

Section 3: Examples of leadership

Paragraph 1: Identify and describe one example of their leadership abilities.

Paragraph 2: Identify and describe a second example of their leadership abilities.

Paragraph 3: Identify and describe a third example of their leadership abilities.

Conclusion: Summarize the leadership qualities and observations that you have found in your research.


Your discussion board questions are a bit different this week. They are very open-ended. I want to know what you think about the ideas included in them. I have some detailed examples.

Answer the following questions. They are worth 30 points. I expect good answers. I will NOT give full credit for short…one or two sentence answers. I know that is subjective, but that is what college is about often times. It gives you an opportunity to let me know what you think…and what you learn from the chapter. Also, I will be looking for original thoughts….not what you read or know other students have to write.

Discuss the differing types of power and examine your own use of power. Explain how each of these types of power can be misused. For example, referent power can be used to avoid responsibility and risk-taking. If a spouse becomes involved in something the other partner is interested in, then the spouse is not responsible for choosing what he or she would be interested in without the influence of the partner. Informational power can be misused when one partner bombards the other with information, minimizing emotional reactions or affective responses to the ideas. Legitimate power can be used as a club when one partner says, “You have to because you were a part of this discussion and you didn’t say no then.” Expert power creates a condition in which one partner has full (or nearly full) responsibility, and the other partner can then not accept any responsibility for failure in that area. Reward and coercive power have obvious potential for abuse.

Discuss the nature of conflict, that it is a normal (although not fun) part of life. Conflict occurs in ALL relationships, between nations, companies, and individuals—even between pets. Describe some of the positive outcomes of conflict, such as the increase in self-esteem if you present your side of an argument well and/or control your anger, or knowing that your partner still loves you even during and after a fight.

Discuss how we communicate without words? How many different meanings does the word “dude” have, depending on the inflection? Discuss the importance of nonverbal communication (up to 95% of all communication), such as tone of voice, looking (or not looking) at the speaker, facial expressions, etc.

PART 10-13 75-150 WORDS A PIECE


Tables are used in many documents. Describe a specific document in which you would use a table and state the topic of the table and column headings as well as a description of the content for the rows of the table.


Perform research on the internet to find best practices or tips when creating and/or presenting a PowerPoint presentation. In your discussion post, describe TWO of the best practices or tips you found and how to implement them into your presentations or why you think the tips are important.


In our lives, we can find many tasks that can be completed using an Excel spreadsheet. Discuss an application for an Excel sheet in your personal life or at your work or expected career. Also, discuss at least two Excel functions you find helpful ( which haven’t been posted already). Perform research on those two functions of your choice and tell us what they do, how they work and an example of how you would use them at home, work or an activity.


Research line and pie charts through course materials or internet. Describe how you would decide which type to use as well as give a specific example of the use for each type that would be useful in your life or future career.


Create a newsletter using Microsoft Word.You are a member of a charity, and you are tasked monthly to create a newsletter in which you post current events and information related to the charity. The charity can be a real or imagined charity.This assignment will use a table to create the structure of the newsletter.Please read through the remaining directions and information

NOTE: No templates are to be used for this assignment

1. Change the margins of the document to narrow (.5 inch top, bottom, left and right).

2. You will have a title at the top of the newsletter.You can put in Charity News as the title or create your own title related to the charity.Change the title to be centered and heading one style. Change font color and font name of the title from what is set by default. Font size should be 48 size font.

3.Below the title, you will create a 2 column by 3 row table.In each row, you will have a picture or image in one cell and a brief write up of an event or news you want to share about the charity in the other cell in the row.Adjust the size of the images, so the newsletter fills the page to look like a newsletter.

4. Ensure the table is centered on the page by selecting the table and using the center button. It is optional if you would like to change cell shading in any of the cells of the table.

5.Below the table, put in the words POC Information, your name, any email and phone number.This should all be centered.(POC stands for Point of Contact.)

6.The newsletter will be one page in length.

7. In the footer add in yourLastNameYourFirstInitial


Create a PowerPoint presentation on a topic of your choice. It can be on your hobbies, work, or anything you feel passionate about. Each presentation should contain the following:

Five slides

First slide should be the title of the presentation and your name

A title on each slide which is centered


A Design theme

Bullet points on at least two slides

A Design theme

An image on at least one slide

One slide transition applied to all slides

Slide notes in slide 1 include last name and GID number

Slide notes to provide more information for slides 2 through 5


In this assignment, you will create a spreadsheet for a business that is providing classes in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.The owner wants to look at sales by class and month for the second quarter of the year and calculate monthly profit on the classes as well as by type of class.Open a spreadsheet and do the following:

Merge cells B1 through D1 and type Software Sales in all caps.Center this in the merged cells. Bold the text as well.

In cell B2, type Apr.In cell C2, type May.In cell D2, type Jun.Center these in their cells and make them bold.

In A3, type Word.In A4, type Excel.In A5, type PowerPoint.These should all be bold as well.

Type in some numbers to represent the sales of each class for each month.Each number should be different.Make sure they all have a dollar sign. You need to do this by formatting the cells as currency with no decimal places.

In A7, type Sales and make it bold and in italics.In cell E2 type Sales and make it bold and in italics

Using the SUM function, calculate the total sales for each month.These results should be in cells B7, C7, and D7.

Using the SUM function, calculate the total sales for each class.These results should be in cells E3, E4, and E5.

In A8, type Average Sales in bold and italics. Best fit column A so the words PowerPoint and Average Sales display fully.

Using the average function, find the average sales for each month.These results should be in cells B8, C8, and D8.

In A9, type Total Profit in bold and italics.

In E9, determine the total profit.Fill this cell with a different color so that it stands out.

In cell A12 enter your first and last name. In cell A13 enter your GIDnumber.


This week you will continue to work with the scenario from last week.The owner thinks it will be easier to look at sales and profits if charts are used.The owner also wants to identify the Class which was not creating as much revenue as the others.

Use your spreadsheet from last week.If you did not calculate the sales in column E within the spreadsheet, fill in that column with numbers.

Create a column chart of the monthly sales based on class. Select the range A2:D5 to create the graph.

The months should display in the legend.

Give the chart a title of Monthly Sales.

Give the vertical, y-axis a title of Sales in $.Give the horizontal x axis a title of Months.

Create a pie chart showing the profit for the month of April for all three classes

Give the chart a title of April’s Sales.

The legend should display the three class names.

Create a line chart of monthly sales based on class. Select the range the same range that you used for the column chart.

Give the chart a title of Monthly Sales.

Give the y-axis a title of Sales in $. Give the x axis a title of Months.

Display the legend for both the column and line chart on the right. The legend and months should display if columns and rows are properly selected.

Change the sheet tab name to Sales

Place a comment in cell A1 with your full name and GID number



As a college student, you need to find time to study and complete your assignments.However, the rest of your life continues as if you have not just gotten busier.

For example, a student, Tammy, was pursuing her master’s degree.Because her husband had supported her when she earned her bachelor’s degree, she thought that circumstances would be the same during her master’s degree; however, it did not happen that way.She still did all the cooking, all the grocery shopping, and she was having trouble trying to finish her homework with the kids running around.Finally, frustrated, she blew up at her husband.After she calmed down and they really talked to each other, her husband shared that he thought that because she had already earned a degree, she knew what to do and would not need any help.Tammy shared that it was because her husband supported her by taking over some of the things Tammy normally did that she was able to complete her first degree.

Families (support systems) may not intuitively know what the college student needs. Tammy was self-advocating, having the “I need” conversation with her husband. In her case, she needed a quiet area to study four times a week for two hours, help with the kids during study time, and some help with cooking and cleaning when projects were due. She found that by sharing what she needed, her family (support system) understood her needs and were better able to meet them.

What are your needs? For Part 1 of this assignment, you are going to have an “I need” conversation with your support system (family, friends, whoever will be there to support you).This involves the following steps:

First, write a list of the main points you want to cover in your conversation – what is it that you really need to make this college journey a positive experience? You want to explain what you are doing, why you are doing it, and what you need from this person.

Second, point out the “win-win” in the situation – how does your support person “win” when they help you to meet your needs while you are a college student?Also, be ready to answer questions your support person may have for you.

Third, during the “I need” conversation, pay attention to the verbal and nonverbal cues your partner is giving you.Be able to interpret those signals appropriately so you have a productive and meaningful conversation.

After having your “I need” conversation, for Part 2 of this assignment you will write a paper about your experience. Your written assignment is to address the following points, using at least 750 words:

1.Provide your “I need….” list. Explain the points you wanted to cover in the conversation.

2.Recap your “I need…” conversation. With whom did you have the conversation? Did you cover your main points?Why or why not?

3.Reflect on your emotions. How were you feeling during the conversation?

4.Analyze your support person’s response. How did the person respond to your conversation?

5.Anticipated results: Do you believe you will get what you need?Why or why not?

6.If you were to have the “I need” conversation with a second person, would you change anything given your experience with the first conversation?Why or why not?



This week, we briefly took a look at civility in a TEDtalk video.Our discussion forum also addressed the issue of civility.As you go through college, you will encounter a greater variety of people from all kinds of backgrounds.It is increasingly important in our society today to maintain civility as we interact with others.What exactly is civility?

For this assignment, write a five-paragraph essay explaining the definition of civility and its importance in education. Be sure to follow the steps below to find an article that addresses the issue and incorporate at least one quote and one paraphrase from the article to support your ideas.

Assignment Steps

1.Use EBSCOhost to find a scholarly article pertaining to the topic of civility and education.

a.Using “Academic Search Complete” in EBSCOhost:

i.Type the words “civility and education” in the search bar.

ii.Go to the left sidebar to limit your search to “Full Text” and “Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals.”

iii.In the left sidebar, you select “Academic Journals” for the Source Types.

iv.Find one article that seems appealing to you. It is essential that you chose an article you comprehend fully since you will be required to discuss a quote and a paraphrase from the article and demonstrate its relevance to your topic. If you don’t find any article of interest, try different phrasing like “civility in schools”, “manners in education”, “conflict in schools”, etc.

b.Download the PDF Full Text and save a copy of that article on a flash drive or on your computer.

2.Prepare a summary of the article.

a.As you read the article, pause after each paragraph and jot down the main point of that paragraph.

b.Use your own words – do not copy the authors’ words.

c.Find ideas that you want to either quote directly or paraphrase in your paper. (Look for an idea that is so powerful, you cannot put it into your own words.)

d.Note the page number where the idea comes from.

3.Write a five paragraph essay on civility in education utilizing the resources from steps 1 and 2.

a.Your paper should be at least 750 words

b.Use an introduction that has as attention grabbing opening sentence, background information on your thesis, previews your main idea/thesis and the subtopics, and transitions to the next paragraph

c.Write three supporting paragraphs with topic sentences, based on the subtopics, which enhance and extend the thesis statement.

i.Include descriptions or examples of civility

ii.Cite your sources

1.Paraphrases must be highlighted in yellow

2.Direct quotes must be highlighted in blue

iii.Don’t simply drop your quote or paraphrase into a paragraph. Introduce the quote and the author before using it, and explain the quote’s relevance to your topic afterward.

For example:

As John Rogers, a sociology professor at The University of Southern California States, “Classroom decorum varies greatly depending on a number of factors including the students’ breakfast that day” (21).This illustrates that there are certain uncivil actions over which teachers have little control.

d.Include a concluding paragraph that provides an appropriate closing to your essay by reviewing your thesis and subtopics, giving evidence of new learning or conclusions based on your research and writing on this topic, and gives a provocative closing sentence.

4.List your sources in a References page at the end of your paper.


Degree Planning (Healthcare administration)

This week, we introduced the idea of general education – the core courses you will take before you jump into your program of study. In this assignment, you will explore the Grantham University catalog to determine which general education courses you will be taking, along with the elective courses that round out your education.

You will definitely need to read the online catalog in order to complete this assignment.

Review Section 7 in the catalog for the General Education program description, categories, and list of courses.Make sure you understand why we require students to complete the General Education slate of courses.

Then look for your degree program in Section 8 of the catalog.You will see each program listed by college (School of Business, College of Arts and Sciences, College of Engineering and Computer Science, School of Nursing and Allied Health).After reading the description of the program and the student learning outcomes, you will see the tables that list the General Education courses, the Program Core, and the electives.

Once you have read these sections in the catalog, you are ready to start this assignment.Your job is to write a response to each of the following four prompts:

Prompt 1: General Education Requirements

A.To start this assignment, write a paragraph explaining the reason why we require students to complete the General Education courses (you may need to refer to section 7 of the catalog for this rationale).

B.Then using this template list and then describe the courses you will take to complete the General Education requirement for your program.In some programs, you have choices – in other programs, you do not have choices (they tell you which courses to take).

Prompt 2:Program Core Requirements

A. In a paragraph state your degree program and explain why you chose your program of study.In your answer explain how will this program of study will help you in your career advancement?

B. Next, in the same template as Prompt 1, list and describe the courses you are required to complete for the program.Be sure to point out which courses are pre-requisites for more advanced courses.This is important because you must enroll in these courses in sequence – you have to pass the pre-requisite before you can attempt the higher course.

Prompt 3:Electives

Each program has a different number of electives that you can select to complete your degree.Take note of special requirements, such as the fact that some electives have to be chosen from the program (versus those that can be chosen from any course listed in the catalog). Also note whether the elective must be a course numbered 300 or above.

A.In the same template as Prompts 1 and 2, include the courses you choose as electives

B.For each elective include a statement explaining why you are interested in the course in the table

Prompt 4:Sequencing of Courses, Credit Hours and Graduation Requirements

This is the truly important part of this assignment. Some courses have pre-requisites, which means you have to take a designated lower-level course before you can take the advanced course.

A.In your template, make sure to designate all classes that have pre-requisites in your template.

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