Business questions

Each question below should have a minimum 200 word response.


1.What is the risk structure of interest rates? And, what are the three major components that are included?

2.Yearly rates are 4%, 5%, 6%, 7%, and 8% for the next five years. Please compute and explain the expected interest rate for both the three and four-year bonds if we show the liquidity premiums to be 1.25%, 1%, .75%, .5%, and 0%. (Show your work/calculations/formulas.) 

4.If the default risk of corporate bonds decreases, what will happen to the demand for corporate bonds, the price of corporate bonds, the demand for treasuries, and the price for treasuries? Also, explain what direction the demand curve moves for corporate bonds and treasuries (either to the left or to the right). 

5. What is evidence that does not support an efficient market hypothesis?

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