calculate quantities for an ideal gas show all work

When solving problems, please show your FULL solution steps. Show what is given, then the formula that you are about to use, then the data entered into the formula followed by your final answer with proper units

Calculate each of the following quantities for an ideal gas:

a. the volume of the gas, in liters, if 1.50 mol has a pressure of 1.25 atm at a temperature of -6 °C
b. the absolute temperature of the gas at which 3.33 X 10-3 mol occupies 478 mL at 750 torr
c. the pressure, in atmospheres, if 0.00245 mol occupies 413 mL at 138 °C
d. the quantity of gas, in moles, if 126.5 L at 54 °C has a pressure of11.25 kPa.

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