Capstone Presentation

HIM Graduate Seminar

Capstone Presentation Instructions

Capstone Presentation Description

The capstone presentation is a professional presentation conducted virtually as part of the course work for HIM 6523, Graduate Seminar. The presentation is a visual and verbal summary that demonstrates inquiry and critical thinking grounded in research and professional knowledge. The purpose is to summarize key points of the project/assignment in a visual manner that can be easily and quickly understood by the audience.

Capstone Presentation Requirements

The presentation should be 15-20 minutes long, and must be a recorded presentation. Your audience must be able to see the information through a visual aid such as PowerPoint, and they must be able to hear your voice. How you choose to conduct/record the presentation is up to you. For example, some choose to record narration using PowerPoint, others may use Camtasia, etc.- it is up to you!

The presentation must address key components of the project/assignment including:

(1) Introduction to the topic and/or problem statement

(2) Objectives of the project and/or rationale for competence in the topic area (why is the topic important to the profession?)

(3) Methodology (what techniques or processes were used in completing the project and/or demonstrating competency?)

(4) Results (the project product and/or key findings/learnings)

(5) Discussion: Address the project/topic in relation to the future of the HIM profession, significant problems/challenges encountered, interesting “sidelights” and any other aspects of interest to audience.

(6) Reference list. Cite in APA style as appropriate.

Be sure to review the rubric associated with this assignment for more details regarding the evaluation criteria.

VERY IMPORTANT! Please see attached documents below;

Attaching the format I would like the presentation to be done

but I will record and narrate the presentation MYSELF.

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