Case Study Analysis


You have been approached by a Victorian-based manufacturing organisation, ACE Engineering (see below information) to review their occupational injury and workplace health standards. You have been asked to provide advice and recommendations about the adequacy or otherwise of their approach to matters of occupational illness, injury and rehabilitation.

It is important to note that ACE Engineering was previously a Commonwealth Government business enterprise and was covered for Workers’ Compensation by the Comcare system. The organisation has recently been privatised and the employees and business operations now come under the Victorian Legislation. For Workers’ compensation and related matters of occupational health, safety and rehabilitation, ACE Engineering is now covered by legislation relating to the Victorian WorkCover Authority.

Identify and explain the limitations of the Victorian WorkCover system in ensuring the expectations and requirements of all key parties (including employer, worker, treaters, insurer, occupational rehabilitation providers) are met and performed, to promote employee. health, safety and rehabilitation throughout the return to work process. Include references to support your answer.

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