Celebrities should expect to live their lives in the public domain. A or D?

 DEBATE: Celebrities should expect to live their lives in the public domain. Agree or Disagree?

This is not a school assignment so it is not a “formal” paper per say. Great writing style, effective use of active voice, valid points, credible examples, PASSION will win this debate. You can cuss/swear if you want. This is not a formal school debate but you have to make your argument credible and ultra convincing.

800 words is the STRICT word count maximum. The debate cannot go over 800 words. Footnotes and images with words do not count towards the maximum word count. PLEASE try to find a great video on youtube for added support in argument. I think that will help the debate stand out. 


Some tips:

Make sure you read and re-read OUT LOUD through the debate and check for any misspellings or sentence structure issues. I like the odd question to the reader here and there but i think almost every statement here should almost be like a knockout point to your argument. ACTIVE VOICE. I think the stance on the topic should be stated early. Links to great articles help immensely. Let’s try to perfect it and sell the argument as strong as possible. Whatever side you take COME HARD and TEAR DOWN the opposition.

I have attached an example of my last debate and a glimpse into what my opponent has to offer as a challenge. This is a rematch.

First debate I had with this opponent 

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