Cisco Certified Network Associate CCNA Memo

You work in an IT organization and your boss has suggested that you work towards a certification in your field (see table below for your assigned certification). The boss (the CIO) has asked you to provide her with details of the certification, how much it will cost, and how the company will benefit from you having this certification.

Write a memo to your boss, Jane Provest, Chief Information Officer (CIO), providing her with the necessary information, assuming that the company will pay for reasonable expenses.

Your request must be as a formal memo to the CIO with a copy to Human Resources (Jaleel Johnston) and must cover:

  1. The details of the certification with a link to the official website. If there are multiple levels of certification, choose the lowest level
  2. A description of how you would prepare for the certification, how long would it take and any associated costs (books, training, etc.)
  3. A discussion of the type of certification exam, where it is taken, and how much it will cost
  4. A description of the benefits of you being certified to the IT organization
  5. An estimate of the total expenses to be incurred and a request for the company to cover these expenses

Your memo should be about 600 words long (1 to 2 pages) and should be well written and formatted in the memo format, using a persuasive style of writing. It should have a good title so the CIO can know what it is about.

The memo needs to be easy to read, written in complete sentences with good grammar, have a good introductory paragraph. The CIO is an IT person so you do not to define any IT terms in the memo. You need to cover the five topics above, in separate paragraphs and have a good ending paragraph with a date by which a response is due for you to get started.

It must show that you have fully researched the certification, made a realistic estimate of the costs to be incurred (itemizing individual components of the cost), and have justified the value to the organization.

The details of the expenses and where you obtained the information (e.g .Expedia for travel, the book you will use, the training you will take)) should be included in an attachment so the CIO can assess the reasonableness of your expenses but details should not be in the memo itself.

Cite all sources that you have used to gather this information

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