Assignment Instructions/Resources


§ Video: Situational Crisis Communication Theory

§ Video: Domino’s Pizza YouTube Video


1. Watch the Situational Crisis Communication Theory (SCCT) video listed in the Resources section of this assignment.  As you watch, take notes on the presentation and think about the various SCCT elements and how they should inform communication strategy particularly in times of crisis.

2. Watch the Domino’s Pizza YouTube Video.  As you watch, think about the various elements of SCCT and how they apply to this situation.

3.  Read the attached Case Study and respond to the following:

a. Assess the response of Domino’s Pizza using SCCT. Be sure to determine the type of crisis and if any intensifying factors existed. Provide a detailed analysis that demonstrates clear, insightful critical thinking.

b. Evaluate Domino’s communication after the event from the perspective of SCCT.  What recommendations would you make for incorporation into Domino’s crisis management plan? Provide a detailed evaluation and recommendation that demonstrates clear, insightful critical thinking.

 4. The posting should be 400 to 600 words in length and include two academic resources that
are properly cited.












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