Compare the Original Broadway Cast Recordings of Hair and Rent

Compare the original Broadway cast recordings of Hair and Rent.

Both musicals were heralded by critics as breakthroughs in the form as well as milestones in connecting current musical trends.

Hair, produced in 1969, and Rent, in 1996, are both rock musicals that used current musical trends to bring in younger audiences to the musical form. Understanding that each show is a relic of its time; which is superior?

Avoid any opinion that incorporates personal experience (example I saw “Rent” or the revival of “Hair”) simply listen to the recordings of each as a capsule of its era, and then offer an opinion.

You must also respond to one point related to the person who posted before you. When responding on discussion postings please be aware of how a tone can be misinterpreted by other readers. So please respect your fellow virtual class members when posting your responses. All discussion postings must respond to one point from the post before it AND offer at least one new detail in your posting.

Your post should be at least 300 words.

Rubrics are attached below.

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