Computer Science

You will assemble your final report as follows :

▶ Executive Summary- 2 page max. An overview of the project and the estimated cost.

▶ Assignment 2

▶ Assignment 3

Assignment 4

Assignment 5

A Timeline: An MS-Project report or simple excel chart of the time estimate to complete the project.

Conclusion: An appeal to a venture capitalist for funding for this project

This will be at least 15-page report which consolidates all of the other reports into one sign big report & reads from start-to-finish like a polished professional technical explanation of the business you are describing.

Adjust each of the smaller reports (Assignment 2-5) to eliminate any duplication that might exist- do not simply stack one on top of the other.

Make the whole thing readable and logical from start-to- finish. Ask yourself ” Would a venture capitalist actually buy into this?”

And also can you make a power point slides for this project like presentation.

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