core competencies human resource 3 5 paragraphs

Core Competencies

Based on this week’s readings about core competencies, when do you think HR professionals should focus on identifying, developing, or supporting core competencies in employees? Describe why this is the optimal time for focusing on core competencies and explain the benefits and outcomes of doing so.

Which stakeholders should be involved in this decision? In your role as a consultant, at what point should they become involved and how would you involve them in the process?

With these thoughts in mind:

Post by Day 4 a response that answers the above questions. APA Format.


  • Grossman, R. J. (2007). New competencies for HR.
  • HR Magazine, 52(6), 58–62.
    Career Development – New Competencies for HR – Researchers have identified six core competencies for top HR professionals. Do you have what it takes?. Hrmagazine, 52, 6 by Robert J Grossman. Copyright 2007 by the Society for Human Resource Management. Used by permission of Society for Human Resource Management via the Copyright Clearance Center.The article looks at the results of the 2007 Human Resource Competency Study conducted by the Ross School of Business, which identified skills and competencies needed by human resource professionals.
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