Cosmic Creation Myths Across Cultures

Cosmic Creation Myths Across CulturesSelect at least two creation myths from two different cultures from the required readings for this week. For ideas, refer to this week’s readings and the myths section of the Big Myths website for animated presentations of many creation myths.Write a 1000- to 1075-word paper about the selected creation myths that answers two of the following questions:In your introduction, provide a brief background about      the two myths that you have chosen, then argue for similarities and/or      differences in the following areas –character of the creatorstreatment of genderrelationship of humans to the creatornatural characteristics of the world.Make sure that you have a clear thesis that will relate      to your topic sentences.Include all areas listed above in your argument. You      may add additional areas, but you must explore at least these four.Creation Myth: Genesis the Creation Account (Hebrew)Creation Myth: The Creation, from the Eddas (Norse (Iceland))

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