Course Wrap Up

1.  What are three “take-aways” you will carry with you as you leave the course?  To qualify as take-aways, the three things must be something you found interesting, illuminating and that you can see yourself finding useful as you continue working on your degree and in your work.  They cannot be merely descriptions of factual information drawn from the publications with which you engaged, including but not limited to your course textbook.  You will need to think about why these things are ones you will carry with you beyond the course and how you will find them useful.
2.  What were the two most meaningful experiences you had as part of your dialogs with classmates?  These need to be experiential rather than factual information from the articles or other sources you used in support of the perspectives shared in your posts.  Again, give thought to why what you mention here is meaningful to you rather than talking about textbook and article topics (that comes next).
3. Which topic interested you the most among those you read about in the Gantt & Slife (2015) textbook and dialogued about on the forums and why did you find it interesting?
4.  Which article topic perspective would you not have supported had supporting it not been assigned to you? Did reading the article and having to support its perspective cause you to change your own perspective?

5.  Which “What Psychologists Do” assignment sub-specialty in psychology did you find that you were most drawn to while researching information about the six assigned sub-specialties?  It doesn’t have to be one you plan to or feel able to pursue, but rather the one you found most interesting.  Which one were you the least drawn to?

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