Crime and Incarceration Chained in Silence Book Thesis Statement

Critical review of Talitha L. LeFlouria’s Chained in Silence and Timothy J. Gilfoyle’s A Pickpocket’s Tale you will write a in a 5 full page critical review that puts the two books in conversation. Cover page and Bib does not count toward page requirement. You will not be writing summaries of the books. Rather, the emphasis here is on analysis. You need to be looking for common themes, points that the authors’ ideas compliment each other, or areas where the authors disagree. Another way to think about this assignment is that you are using the books as primary sources to build an argument based on their findings.

Just as before you are looking to find major points or innovations in the books. In your introduction, you will include a thesis statement that highlights the points your want to cover. MUST have a STRONG thesis and topic senestence for each paragraph. Doing so will help you focus your writing and to organize your thoughts. I also recommend that you outline your ideas with the topics that you wish to cover in the paper.

As with all writing assignments, your paper should be Times New Roman font size 12, double-spaced, with 1 inch margins on all sides. It should be a polished piece of work that you proofread before submitting. If you use direct quotes please footnote the quote using the Chicago Manual Style formatting.

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