Criminal Justice Questions

1. The central issues in Juvenile Justice revolve around the discretionary decisions of police officers and court personnel dealing with juveniles who have committed crimes. Explain your choices in this scenario by addressing the following. Consider the current methods of handling juvenile crime, including diversionary tactics and court proceedings. Identify which tactics you believe are least successful in punishment juveniles and deterring them from future crimes. For each, describe why you believe they are not as successful as they could be, and provide alternative options to replace them. For the alternatives, describe why each would be more successful than current methodologies in place.

2. Consider what you read about the challenges facing the juvenile justice system. Identify three ways that juvenile crime in America is changing and may change in the future. Then, make recommendations for the juvenile justice system on the best courses of action to handle these issues in the future. For each, provide a description of how each will meet the goals of rehabilitating the offender and preventing him or her from reoffending in the future.

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