Criminology-101 course assignment, 8 pages minimum!

I have an assignment, the course is Criminology-101, and the assignment is:-Rubric for Case Study PaperEach student will be required to submit a case study on a violent criminal or criminals.  Emphasis should be on the background of the individuals studied and the criminal act(s) or the motivation(s) for the violent acts.During the course, you will have learned that many theories on criminal behavior overlap, and that it is not uncommon for more than one theory to explain why the criminal act(s) occurred.   Your paper should apply these theories of criminal behavior to the subject’s life history.  If you desire to do a fictional character or unsolved crime, please clear with the instructor.  Do not choose a political or military individual (Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, etc.).CriteriaRatings%NoviceBasicProficientExceptionalThe paper clearly discussed the factors or influences that led to the violent crime(s).25%The paper applied the appropriate criminal behavior theories to the individual(s) studied. (Opinion)15%The paper made a connection between the selected offense(s)/criminal(s) and the historical or social framework of the act(s).10%Grammar, spelling, and syntax were appropriate to the college level15%Typed in a double-spaced APA format with citations and references – including in-text citations.   Length 8-11 pages.20%The paper used an appropriate number of acceptable sources. Wikipedia is not an acceptable or reputable source.   (Minimum of 4 sources)15%and please no copying from the internet, it will be submitted through TurnItIn Website which will check for similarty if it’s copied from the internet or if it submitted from another student!!and I’m willing to pay $40

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