Cyberbullying & Digital Rights and Responsibilities of Teachers Powerpoint



Part A: Presentation

Develop a presentation that addresses the digital rights and responsibilities of teachers. Create a PowerPoint presentation with notes or a recorded screencast of a narrated presentation using Kaltura or another recording tool of your choice. The presentation should be about 10–15 minutes with 7–10 slides.

The workshop should cover the following:

  • Key issues regarding the ethical use of open educational resources
    • What distinguishes open educational resources from other types of resources that teachers use?
    • What are strategies that teachers should use for ethical use of OER?
  • The teacher’s role in providing a safe online learning environment for students and strategies for doing so
    • What are key threats to student safety in online learning environments?
    • How can teachers help ensure their students’ safety in online learning environments?
  • Support from the professional literature (in the form of citations on slides as appropriate and a reference slide with APA formatted citations)

If you will be using Kaltura Media to record a screencast of your presentation, you will need to complete the following:

  • If you have not already done so, set up and test your microphone, using the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer.
  • Practice using the microphone to ensure the audio quality is sufficient.
  • Refer to the Using Kaltura tutorial for directions on recording and/or uploading your work in the courseroom.

Part B: Supporting participant materials, such as a handbook or handouts

Develop “takeaway” materials that provide useful information for teachers to bring back to their own teaching setting and further develop their teaching practice with regard to their digital rights and responsibilities.

These can be submitted as Word documents or PDF documents or a link to a blog post you write that teachers might refer to later.


Cyber Ethics

The following resources provide a jumping off point to explore different examples of OER resources.

The following article drives home the importance of keeping your eye on key considerations when choosing OER. It is easy to get attracted to the bells and whistles of some OER resources, but important to stay grounded in the purpose and context of your use.

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