demonstration speech outline



Physically demonstrate

the process or skill being taught.


Use the TWO required TYPES of visual aids.

a) Your PRINT visual aid (at least one) should be large and neat enough for

all audience members to read the wording. This print visual aid can be a

poster, foam board, or slides.

b) OBJECTS form the second type of visual aid.

c) Besides being legible and attractive, these visual aids should be sufficient

in number to aid audience comprehension.





for your main points.


Prepare a key-word/key-phrase speaking outline (2 pages maximum).


outline must be typewritten to receive credit.

A copy of your outline will be

submitted before you speak. The outline must include:

a) Your full name;

b) Specific Purpose – in a full sentence;

c) Thesis – in a full sentence;

d) Labeled introduction, body, and conclusion;

e) Introduction – include attention-getter, credibility and preview;

f) Body – keyword/phrases with main points and sub-points included;

g) Conclusion – include review and closing;

h) A consistent pattern of symbolization and indentation.



for 4 – 7 minutes



Use extemporaneous delivery style

. Manuscript speeches will receive no credit.

If you need notes, speak from your keyword/phrase outline.

To do the outline , follow the outline template to do it

Here is my topic to use for the outline

Topic- Chicken Parmigiana

Specific Purpose- To demonstrate to my audience how to make chicken parmigiana.

Thesis- Chicken Parmigiana is a very tasty Italian dish that can be easily made in a few simple steps.

Also make a powerpoint to go with the outline

There is a sample outline on string bean casserole to use to help out

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