describe the stages of change processes of change and preferred intervention s for your chosen behavior minimum 2 pages 1

For your fourth assignment, you will describe the stages of change, processes of change and preferred intervention(s) for your chosen behavior (minimum 2 pages).

  • Describe the 5 or 6 stages (i.e., precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance, and, if applicable, termination) of change and apply them to your health behavior (my chosen behavior: Reducing consumption of fast foods.)
  • Describe the processes of change that enable each stage change (i.e., consciousness raising, dramatic relief, environmental reevaluation, self-liberation, self-reevaluation, helping relationships, counterconditioning, reinforcement management, and stimulus control). Please refer to page 132, Table 7.2 for the Processes of Change That Facilitate Progression Between Stages of Change.
  • Describe the preferred intervention(s) for each stage.
  • Describe your level of confidence in your ability to change your behavior.

Use APA format for the in-text referencing and the reference list. You should be using reputable sources such as Centers for Disease Control (and other .gov resources) as well as the textbook and peer-reviewed articles.

please see example attached.

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