descriptive writing analysis

you’ll find descriptive writing everywhere. Small details – from the weather to time of day, age of a person etc. can play a significant role in helping us to better picture a scene, or the people in it.

Descriptive writing is used on every beat. But, you often won’t spot it unless you’re looking for it.

Our re-read of the Guardian’s Experience feature ( (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.) showed you that.

You will find in these examples that I gave ( Lunch with the FT.pdf – 5 x examples of descriptive openings. with the FT SusannbspWojcicki (5).pdf – YouTube boss, full feature. FT_Hassabis.pdf – DeepMind founder, full feature.)

included colorful, evocative, descriptive writing in a publication you wouldn’t typically associate with this style of writing.


As a result of short discussion, I hope you’re now looking for descriptive writing in the journalism you read. To show that you are:

1: Find a story in the New York times, or elsewhere (it can be short) which uses descriptive writing.

2: Take a photo, or screenshot, of your annotations on the piece (e.g. highlighting/underlining/commenting on examples of descriptive prose). <<<<<< Please make sure to do this task as mentioned here, take a photo of your highlighting and annotations to show that you worked.

3: Write me a short reflection – a couple of paragraphs is fine – about what you liked/disliked about this, what surprised you about it etc.

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