develop a 12 slide presentation

Week 2 – Assignment: Change Management

Due Sunday

Submit Assignment: Change Management

Managing change and motivation are important components of good leadership skills within an athletic environment, whether you are the head coach or a student-athlete. How do you, as a student-athlete and emerging leader, approach change within a team or organization? What are some common setbacks in change management?

Develop a 10–12 slide presentation identifying some of the key elements for implementing your vision, strategies you will utilize for change, communicating your message and evaluating the process.

Your presentation should be no more than 12 slides; including title and reference slide. Be thorough and concise. You can use clip art, themes, videos, or other multi-media elements to convey your understanding. Please refer to Bucchi’s (2012) academic PowerPoint notes Click for more options

for additional tips.

Support your statements with evidence from the readings and your research. Cite and reference your sources in proper APA style.


Stoner, M. R. (2007, June 6). Creating a PowerPoint for an Academic Presentation Click for more options

Communication Education, 56(3), 354-381.

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