Developmental TheoriesCPSS410W1

Assignment ContentWrite a 600- to 750-word paper discussing delinquency from the perspective of a developmental theory identified in this week’s readings. Address the following:Cultural factors influencing delinquency over timeChildhood development in AmericaAge, race, and genderFormat your paper consistent with APA guidelines.Please include a correctly formatted title page, intext reference citations, and a correctly formatted reference page.DO NOT turn in a paper without in-text reference citations, or you will receive a zero.If you have questions, please ask before the paper is due.1.1 Describe the juvenile justice system in America today and the development of juvenile institutions.1.21.2 Discuss juvenile delinquency and what it means to be at risk.1.31.3 Explore the social changes in juvenile justice over time and social process theories.

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