different categories within a cryptosystem

Describe the different categories within a cryptosystem?

DO include the URL (web address), book or forum that you took the information from, in addition to the proper APA reference for the work.

2. DO include quotation marks or <<>> around quoted (i.e. copied and pasted) material.

3. DO introduce the quoted material with YOUR OWN WORDS about why you are providing that quotation.

4. DO limit the quoted material to a paragraph or less (a snippet) to entice the reader into following the URL (link) you then provide.

5. DO use an 80/20 (80% your own work) rule of thumb for posting that is, for every sentence of quoted material, you should give us at least 4 sentences from you. It is important to add a few sentences to orient us to why this quote is appropriately contained in your post.

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