Discuss gender-role development, evaluate the importance of identity formation to cognitive and social development in adolescence and Interpret various data formats.

This Assignment addresses the following course outcomes:

PS420-6: Discuss gender-role development.

PS420-7: Evaluate the importance of identity formation to cognitive and social development in adolescence.

GEL-2.2: Interpret various data formats.

In this final Assignment, you will construct a case study that demonstrates the knowledge you have gained about social relationships throughout the term. You will follow the case study with your analysis, which must rely on theories and concepts from the course. Your case study and its analysis should specifically address the topics outlined below:

  • Your client’s development of self and the influences on the self during early childhood.
  • Evidence of your client’s peer acceptance or rejection.
  • How your client typifies (or goes against) the research on gender differences in communication, conflict resolution, and the development of social relationships.
  • The influence of family systems, how social isolation and bullying may lead to mass violence in school systems and communities, social pressure surrounding drugs and alcohol, and the influences of culture on your client’s social relationships.
  • A discussion of your client’s identity formation that relies on Erikson’s theory.
  • Summarize and interpret any of the research articles, either qualitative or quantitative, that have impacted your work this term. These can be found either through peer-reviewed research journal articles that the professor has shared, secondary peer-reviewed sources that you have used to strengthen your work, or material found in your course text.

Your Assignment should be at least 5–6 pages (approximately 1,200 words) not including your title page and reference page. Make direct references to the textbook  Berns, R. M. (2013). Child, Family, School, Community: Socialization and Support, 9th Edition, and include at least three other peer-reviewed academic sources that can be found in the University Library using either PsycARTICLES or PsychBooks.

APA guidelines are required for all Assignments including the proper citation of all references used in the paper. Review the grading rubric for the project for more specific detail.

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