discussion 5

1. You should response to two questions below. A response of 150 words or more is requested for one of the chosen questions, and a response of 75 words or more is requested for the other question.

2. On a seperate page, please write two general response to each question that I could use to two of my classmates. Each response should be 50-100 words.

  • A researcher conducts a study of adolescents and their smoking behaviors. In orally reporting the results, the researcher inadvertently mentions the names of specific students who are only occasional smokers. What are ethical issues presented in this study? If you were this researcher, what would you do to rectify this error? Provide a scripture that gives guidance on how a Christian might respond to a misstep such as thing.
  • You are a high school assistant principal, and you plan to conduct a study on the value of adding a course called Multiculturalism in America. Develop a five-question survey in your choice of survey designs and ask for feedback on whether your classmates feel your survey is appropriate for this study.

3. Please use text book and any other outside source

Thext book is: Creswell, J. (2015). Educational Research: Planning, conducting, and evaluating quantitative and qualitative research. (5th ed.). Pearson

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